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Installing a Patch
That huge hole in Legion's chest always bothered me a bit... the geth see even windows as an unneccessary structural weakness, so why wouldn't Legion patch a huge hole that exposes his inner workings? Maybe he doesn't want to mess with the pieces of Shepard's old armor he used to repair himself? Maybe he wants to keep the armor "as is" for the same reasons he used it to repair himself with in the first place? If so, maybe Shepard is the only one who can patch that hole :)

Made with SFM
Legion for GMod by NikouT
Shep for GMod by GoOr
"The patch" (junk metal plate), terminal and mainframe models by cire992 (Mass Effect prop packs)
Wall, railing, vent, floor (front) models by mark2580 (came with the Anderson's apartment map)
Additional effects by YoshiPoland (from SFM Workshop) and mark2580 (came with the Anderson's apartment map)
Floor model (back) converted from ME3 and some adjustments to other models and/or materials for SFM by me
And of course: huge thanks to Bioware for Mass Effect!
Closet Raider
I'm sure I'm not the only one who keeps getting flashbacks of the original trilogy while playing Andromeda. Every now and then something reminds me of some thing or scene I liked in the trilogy... like the time when Kasumi raided Sheps underwear drawers:… (video by FluffyNinjaLlama)

I think I'd actually be quite angry if I had a guest like that... but Shep takes it quite lightly. I guess Shep knows that there's really nothing she can do to prevent Kasumi from going through all her stuff. And that this is most likely not the first time :D

Made with SFM
Map: Anderson's Apartment by mark2580
Kasumi and underwear for SFM by LordAardvark
Shepard for GMod by GoOr
And of course: massive thanks to Bioware for Mass Effect!
Alley Cat Caught a Bat
So, It's been quite a while since I bought my first Arkham series game but for some reason I still haven't played any of them... I do plan to fix that sooner or later, don't you worry! Without really seeing what's in the games - I've seen just a few short clips of gameplay so far - I asked myself: what do I want to see in the games? All the cool "batgear", Gotham, a bunch of supervillains, some allies... and Catwoman and Batman sharing some more or less intimate moments ;) (Wink)

Though I'm about 99% sure that this would rather happen on a rooftop than on ground level... but I kinda liked the idea of a secret meeting in a dark, desolate alleyway. Don't know why, don't ask, that's not a place I would normally want to go.

Oh and yes, I do occasionally make something that isn't related to Mass Effect, just quite rarely :D

Made with SFM
Alley by Red Menace
Batman by Stealth211/SDWAN/Scrubby
Catwoman by quickie
Loving Them Curves
So, I wanted to try to do something with a pairing that wasn't even hinted anywhere in the three games. Vega was an easy starting point considering he was introduced so late in the series and is shamelessly flirting all the time (although not necessarily meaning anything with it, just having fun). He seems to like "curves", at least when he's flirting with Ashley (video:… by FluffyNinjaLlama), and according to Shadow Broker's files Miranda was/is seeking company on a dating site and being quite... selective about it. Maybe James would be enough for Miranda... at least for one night? ;) (Wink) 

Oh, and Shep observes everything that happens in the apartment. No exceptions. =P (Razz) 

Made with SFM
Map: Anderson's Apartment by mark2580
James Vega and Shepard for GMod by GoOr
Miranda Lawson for SFM by LordAardvark
Some adjustments to models and/or materials for SFM by me
And of course: huge thanks to Bioware for Mass Effect!


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DorianPavus Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2016   Digital Artist
Hey! Thank you for accepting the submission requests!
Would you like filling a few of the other folders, too?
Especially Jane x Ash is badly needed in the Mass Effect femslash field.
Turpuli Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2016
No problem, thanks for the req's!

I do have some ideas with different ME pairings, but they're all still a bit... vague at this point. I usually like to have a little background story in my mind before I even begin to do anything, so the ideas tend to take quite a long time to "mature". I also like to keep an open mind so I'm not ruling any pairings out, so Jane x Ash is possible too :)

Considering same sex pairings, I'd like to first try something with Kaidan and Maleshep (mostly because I haven't already), but I haven't got the background story quite right yet... but I definitely want to at least try something.

I've been a bit too busy with work (and other stuff) lately (only one submission so far this year! :( (Sad)), but I hope things calm down a bit soon, so I'd have more time and energy for creative stuff :) (Smile) 
DorianPavus Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2016   Digital Artist
I wouldn't have even considered Mshenko, because most guys seem to be less interested in it, but I'm very happy to hear you want to try your hand on that one! :)
Once you managed to create a new work, you know where to find the group! :iconbro-fist: